Brighton recording studios and rehearsal studio. Recording studios brighton


Monitors / Outboard
and systems

10 inputs/outputs @ 24bit 192khz

18 inputs/outputs @ 24bit 96khz

18 inputs/outputs @ 24bit 44/48khz


2 x Apple MAC PRO's 2.1 3ghz 24gb ram
PC i5 core & quad core


Neumann KH 310a active monitors

Coleman Audio TB4 mk2 passive monitor controller

YAMAHA NS10m + NAIM power amp

HHB Circle monitors +

Beyerdynamic blue note power amp

RME Fireface 800 & 400.

Digi Design command 8 controller


4 x AMS Neve 1073 preamps in Rupert Neve Designs R6 rack

2 x Neve 1073 preamps cloned by Sound Skulptor

2 x Universal Audio 1176 compressors

2 x Pultec EPQ1a valve eq clones

2 x SSL (Solid State Logic) VHD pre 500 preamps
6 x RME preamps

1 x Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack Channel Strip

8 x Focusrite Octopre Mk2 preamps
4 x TL audio Ivory preamps (modified)
8 x Teac 80-8 preamps
2 x TL audio Ivory valve (modified compressors)

1 x WEM Copycat Tape Delay Machine

Mbox 2 and Mbox mini

DIGI 002

Focusrite Octopre Mk 2

Pro Tools 10 and 9

HOFA Mastering CD/DDP software

Logic pro 9
Cubase SX 5
2 x Alesis ADAT's

Tetley Tea Bags!




1 x Telefunken AK47 Mk2 valve mic

1 x AEA R84 ribbon mic
4 x Auditus 87's (0ne matched pair) See 

website for audio samples against Neumann U87
1 x U87 clone Ockavamod 
2 x SE Z5600 Mk 2 valve mic
1 x Rodes NT2

1 x Rodes NT2 (with C12 capsule modification)

1 x Sennheiser MD 421

1 x Sennheiser MD 421 Mk2

1 x Beyerdynamic m88n

1 x AKG C3000B
1 x AKG C1000

1 x AKG D112

1 x Shure sm 91
1 x Shure sm 81  
3 x Shure sm 58
1 x Shure sm 58 beta
3 x Shure sm 57
1 x Audio technica pro 25
1 x KEF reference bass cone sub mic

1 x ADAMS bass cone sub mic
1 x Shure radial mic


SLATE virtual tape machine

Air Kill EQ
EQ 3 (1/3 and 7 band)
Bombfactory BF76
Compressor/Limiter Dyn 3
AIR Frequency Shifter
AIR Non-Linear Reverb
AIR Spring Reverb
AIR Dynamic Delay
Air Multi-Delay
Extra Long Delay 2
Long Delay 2
Medium / Slap Delay 2
AIR Chorus/Ensemble
Filter Gate/Flanger
Fuzz-Wah/Multi Chorus
Phaser/ Talk Box/Vintage Filter


TL AutoPan
Mini Grand
Structure Free
TL Metro
BF Essential Meter Bridge
BF Essential Noise Meter
TL InTune/MasterMeter/Trim
Massey TapeHead
Massey CT5
HOFA DDP mastering

SansAmp PSA-1


Yamaha vintage 9000 recording custom drum kit

Ludwig LM402 Supra Phonic Snare
Yamaha Stage Custom snare

Unknown 10 lug vintage metal snare

Pearl export drum kit

Zildjian cymbals Z - series 16" crash 18" crash

Zildjian cymbal K - series 20" ride

Sabian Hi hats - AAX and B8

Sabian B8Pro 20" medium ride cymbal

Sabian B8 18” thin crash

Paiste 32" Symphonic Gong

Paiste 32" Earth Creation Gong
Yamaha U1
Upright Piano

Knight Upright piano
Fender Precission USA Bass (2015)
Tokia Strat (1983)
Aria Bass (1981)
Ibenez semi acoustic
Gibson acoustic

Ashbury AG-48 Dreadnought Guitar, 12 string
Banjo (4 string)
Box harp
Roland 303



Orange Dual Terror 30 watts

Orange 2 x 12 cab

Vox AC30 - Greenback cones
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender Princeton
70's Vintage Defiant Vox head with custom 12" cab
70's Venom guitar combo

Ampeg PF-50T All tube bass head
Ampeg SVT-410HE bass cab

2 x Harkte bass heads HA 2500

Yamaha O1v mixing desk
Peavy pro 15 cabs

DI's Headphones etc

4 x AMS Neve 1073LB DI's

2  x Neve 1073 clone DI's

2 x SSL DI

1 x ISA 220 DI
4 x BSS Pro Audio DI's
16 x headphone splitter

1 x Beyer Dynamic DT100
4 x Beyer Dynamic DT150
7 x sennheiser headphones
SE Pro Vocal booth
Various percussion
K&M heavy duty large boom stand

Linn Axis turntable