The studio was founded in Brighton in 2002.


I love the recording process from beginning to end, sometimes starting with just a sketch of a song, seeing where it leads us. Also getting the right session people onboard, managing the budget and getting great final mixes.


Aside from producing records I have also recorded voice over artists for Radio 4 and ITV.


My own music has been played on Radio 1, 2 and 4 and BBC 6 music, it's also been used in programmes such as Masterchef, Xfactor, Australian and New Zealand Films.


I play the cello, drums, guitar and bass and have recorded and played for, amongst others,


BONOBO (Ninja Tune),

CUZ (Sam Dook of THE GO!TEAM and Mike Watt of MINUTEMEN/STOOGES)
100 PETS (Pickled Egg Records).


My own music is published under licence to BMG, Altitude Music Publishing, London..



Unit 8&9, Lansdowne Mews, Brighton. BN31FW. Email -

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