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Welcome to the Homeward Recording Company

The Homeward Recording Company provides recording and rehearsal facilities in a relaxed and professional environment in the heart of vibrant Brighton.


With many years spent recording and working closely with artists I'm passionate about creating great results. Along with helping you achieve the very best from your performance there's help managing budget costs, session musicians and accommodation.



Over the years I've learnt that very high quality recording equipment really makes a difference, it's able to add musical richness and a touch of inspiration right from the start.



The live room is large enough to fit 5 comfortably. There are also two additional separate recording booths for micing guitar amps or tracking vocals and a large 7 meter long control room for tracking, mixing and mastering. Both rooms now have high quality pianos.

I very much lean toward the British school of audio engineering and get your recordings sounding the best they can right from the start. I often record stems for other producers/artists as well as producing singer songwriters.

Please feel free to arrange a time to come and hear the latest results and talk your project ideas over.

The recording studio is situated right next to Brighton beach. Just two mins walk from the seafront.





High end mics, pre amps, compressors, valve eq's and Pro Tools 10 in a great sounding room with 2 x isolation booths


Acoustically treated
live room 5 x 3.5 meters. VOX AC30, Fender Hot Rod ORANGE.

Boutique equipment

Boutique microphones, NEVE, SSL preamps, Universal Audio compressors

Unit 8&9, Lansdowne Mews, Brighton. BN31FW. Email - homewardrecording@yahoo.com

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